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Bobbe White


"If laughter is the best medicine, make my refills perpetual!" No one knows the benefits of laughter better than Bobbe White, Certified Laugh Leader. Laughter and humor surround us daily. Bobbe's insights will change your group's perception of both. You will be enlightened to the benefits of humor and laughter, to use them to communicate more effectively and include their therapeutic value in your personal and professional lives. From crisis management to team building, personal wellness to stress management, Bobbe empowers your group to a new level of confidence.

Bobbe's work history reflects 24 years of stability and a proven performance record of corporate training/business development with State Street Bank, the Better Bank Group and Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club. During this time, she has served as an officer and director on boards directing elementary and college education, not-for-profit foundations and community organizations.

Her approach of incorporating laughter to improve overall performance has been covered by the news media ranging from the New York Times, to Newsweek Japan, Family Circle, Re-Diff of India, and T.V. Tokyo. Audiences from ages 5 to 95 have been entertained and enlightened by Bobbe's programs. Her enthusiastic delivery will achieve the positive results you're looking for, whether it's one of her favorite stories or effectively communicating your organization's message, goals or concerns.

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In her book, Life in the Laugh Lane!, Bobbe shows us how to steer through life's twists and turns with a sense of humor and the gift of laughter! She is also the author of two booklets, "Going Frown for the Last Time," and "Laughing all the Way to the Bank: Funny Business," both of which she expects to be books when they grow up. Bobbe is co-author of Fantastic Customer Service, Inside and Out: Go Ahead...Laugh At Work, It Works. Bobbe's latest work, If Stress Is Garbage, I've...Bin There, Recycled That, is a whimsical approach to managing toxic people, global whiners and our own fragile "ego-systems." In it, she creatively weaves parallels between recycling and managing one's stress, which is likened to garbage.

Dividing her time between her career, her husband and their two children, she is constantly a victim of life's twists and turns. At work or home, she uses laughter to combat the stress we all experience daily. When that doesn't work, she heads for the golf course, swimming pool or enlists the support of her new therapeutic tool Sam, the beagle. Interested? Come on in...let the laughter begin!

  • Go Ahead...Laugh at Work - It Works! - Just for the health of it! Using humor and laughter in your personal and professional lives can change the way you perceive stress inducing events that befall us daily. Get mentally and physically fit; let laughter reign in your life. Lighten up your mental workload! Bobbe uses her own flaws and faux pas as an example of how you, too, can add value to your life's humor quotient. Without the use of jokes or comedy, Bobbe will have your group out of their chairs in 60 seconds feeling the benefits of laughter!

  • My Life's Out of Balance...and It's Worse Than My Checkbook! - Join Bobbe as she sets the stage by looking at life's twists and turns with a sense of humor. Using her abundant experiences, Bobbe, like you, has tried to master it all, and at times, has failed miserably. During this program, she will share her many tried and true strategies for finding balance in your personal and professional lives. You'll discover why Bobbe's approach for incorporating humor and laughter as tools in the work place (and the home place!) to improve overall performance, has been covered by the New York Times, Newsweek Japan, Family Circle and the Chicago Tribune!

  • Get Serious...About Humor: Enhancing Your Presentation With Energy and Humor - With 22 years of corporate training experience, Bobbe has learned a thing or two about presentation skills. In this program you will learn how your program can be enhanced with some simple techniques such as: adding humor, preparation, introductions, resources, using a theme, verbal and non-verbal enhancements. Many speakers have little training and find that with a few tips they outshine previous presentations and presenters!

  • Reframe...Refocus - Attitudes are what we bring to the table. Understanding the "right brain, left brain" thinking of others will allow us to reframe our perceptions so that we can refocus our statements to be better understood. Reframe and Refocus your way to better results! Positive changes in people will be the outcome. This informative program will shed light on why people act and react the way they do and explore the ingredients of each unique personality around you.

Bin There, Recycled That Life in the Laugh Lane Fantastic Customer Service
If Stress Is Garbage, I've... Bin There, Recycled That Life in the Laugh Lane Fantastic Customer
Service Inside & Out

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